Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Running out of Time

Here's a recent editorial piece about running out of time. I wanted to demonstrate the frustration so often felt as we all feel life slipping away. The cherubs are intended to be the keepers of time and try though the main character does she can not recapture the time she has lost.

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Inspired by Circuses, Victoriana, and Surrealism I create collage’s combining the past and present through a mixture of found imagery, illustration, photography and drawing. Working with collage and my trusted photocopier I create all of my work by hand, frequenting second hand shops, car boot sales and markets to build up my ever growing archive of second hand books, magazines, photographs and postcards. I always create my work by hand, only using a computer for layout at final stages. I like my illustration to have a certain tangibility, a quality that cannot be captured by digital means alone, even if that is as small as a blob of ink or a smudge on a photocopy.